The Great War Flying Museum

To honour the pilots who served with gallantry and distinction during the Great War of 1914 – 1918.

Upcoming Events 2017

Demonstration Flights at Home Field

Weather permitting, we will perform demonstration flights at our home field on Sat. June 10th, Sat. July 8th and Sat. August 12th. Aircraft will be “wheels up” at 1:00 pm.

Appearances at Home and Afield

Negotiations are ongoing between our Director of Flight Operations and various airshow organizers throughout southern Ontario.

Here is a list of tentative events. As events are confirmed, we will update their status and provide links whenever possible.

April 9,  Brampton Cenotaph Vimy Commemoration at 10:30 am (Confirmed)

April 9,  Ft. York Fly-over ar 1:45 – 2:00 pm, Strutter and SE5a   (Confirmed)

April 9, Mississauga Vimy Commemoration, Strutter and SE5a

May 4,  Tottenham, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School  Fly-over, time TBA, Dr.I and SE5a

May 20,  Opening Day at GWFM  (Confirmed)

June 3, CFB Borden

June 8, charity Fly-over, location (north of Oshawa?) and time TBA (Confirmed)

June 18, Fort George Fly-over, Strutter and SE5a (Confirmed)

June 19, British Aviation enthusiasts visit to GWFM (Confirmed)

June 21, Hanover COPA Airshow, Strutter, Dr.I and SE5a (Confirmed)

July 1,  City of Cambridge Fly-over, Strutter and Dr.I (Confirmed)

July 9,  Allen Snowie Vimy Flight visit to GWFM (Confirmed)

August 5, Kincardine, time and aircraft TBA (Confirmed)

August  19, Warriors Day Parade fly-past,  Toronto, Strutter and SE5a (Confirmed)

August 30,  Brantford  Airshow (Confirmed)

September  1-4,  CNE Airshow

September 8,  Oakville Golf Course Fly-over, SE5a and Dr.I (Confirmed)

September 10, GWFM/BFC Show at GWFM/BFC (Confirmed)

November 6, Oakville Veterans luncheon Fly-over, time and aircraft TBA (Confirmed)

November 11, Brampton  Cenotaph Fly-over, 1100 hours, aircraft TBA (Confirmed)

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