The Great War Flying Museum

To honour the pilots who served with gallantry and distinction during the Great War of 1914 – 1918.

Nieuport 28


  • Registration: C-FEWL
  • Paint Scheme: American Air Service markings, Eddie Rickenbacker
  • Year Completed: 1995
  • First Flight: 14 September 1995
  • Plan set used: unknown
  • Engine Type: Continental R670
  • Major rebuilds in: 1996
  • This N28 replica is constructed of a welded steel fuselage with wood wings, and powered by a Continental R670 radial. Acquired as an unfinished project the museum completed the aircraft and it painted it in the colours of the 94th Aero Squadron. These “Hat in the Ring” colours represent the serial 6159 as flown by Eddie Rickenbacker.

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