The Great War Flying Museum

To honour the pilots who served with gallantry and distinction during the Great War of 1914 – 1918.

The Hangar Project

The Great War Flying Museum has a mission to educate people about the early years of aviation, and the people that built and flew the aircraft. The period that we have focused on is The Great War (1914-1918), which saw incredible advances in aviation, with the airplane evolving from a luxury toy to a crucial weapon of war, thus changing not only warfare, but transportation and travel forever.

We have a flying fleet of five aircraft, with one under repair and two under construction. We also plan to continue building aircraft, and to expand the sights and sounds that can be experienced. These wood and fabric aircraft can not be stored outside, and must be protected during the winter. Currently, we are facing a shortage of hanger space.

The Museum is a 100% volunteer organization, and money comes from air show appearances and the donations visitors to the museum. We are launching an appeal to everyone to help us build a hanger. Donations of $25 or more from any Canadian is tax deductible. Please donate and assist us in preserving, and expanding, our fleet of aircraft.

A PAYPAL account has been created to assist you in sending in your donation. For Canadians, donating $25 or more, please include in the Note, the name for the tax receipt and mailing address. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Please use the e-mail address as the address to send the donation to.

Thank you.

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