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To honour the pilots who served with gallantry and distinction during the Great War of 1914 – 1918.

2014 Events Listing

Our Flight Operations Committee has been very  busy lining up events for the 2014 flying season.

Here are some of the airshows, fly-pasts and other events we plan to participate in this year.

June 8 Air Cadet Fly-by (Brampton Airport) 11:00 AM, 2 SE5a

June 28 Kingston FT Henry Fly-by (overnight) DR.I and SE5a

June 28/29 Mosport Fly-by Dr.I and SE5a

July 11-13 Geneseo (tentative, not confirmed)

July 12 Listowel Agricultural Fair 2 SE5a

July 28 – August 3 OSHKOSH 4 ac. TBA

August 16 Warriors Day Parade CNE Strutter and SE5a

August 29 – Sep 1 CNE Airshow 4 ac TBA

Sept. 5 Oakville Golf Course Fly-by 4 a/c TBA

Sept. 7 GWFM, BFC Open House




Sept. 27 – 28 Mississauga Fly-by a/c TBA

Sept. 28 Toronto Coronation Park (Missing Man Formation) 4 a/c TBA

Nov. 4 Oakville Veterans Luncheon Fly-by 2 SE5a

Nov. 11 Brampton City Hall a/c TBA

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